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Conférence SFECO- Imperial Celadons: Ru and Guan Wares of the Song Dynasty

9 décembre 2021 ; 18 h 30 19 h 30 UTC+1

Imperial Celadons: Ru and Guan Wares of the Song Dynasty

par Stacey Pierson, President of the Oriental Ceramic Society (London) and Reader in the History of Chinese Ceramics at SOAS, University of London (biographie)
 en Anglais
Thursday 9th December 2021 at 6:30 PM (Paris) / Jeudi 04 novembre 2020 – 18h30
Lien: ID de réunion : 814 0304 4472 Code secret : 486409 (* en raison des circonstances sanitaires)
The earliest imperial ceramics were also the earliest im
perial celadons. That this type of glaze was used for
these wares was a result of location, raw materials and
taste. Using examples from collections around the world,
as well as archaeological finds, this lecture will intro
duce these fine ceramics of the Northern and Southern
Song periods, exploring the materials, techniques, styles
and forms that characterize Ru and Guan wares. Their
legacy and significance in the history of ceramics will
also be considered in light of recent discoveries and
record-breaking auction sales.


Date :
9 décembre 2021
Heure :
18 h 30 – 19 h 30 UTC+1
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