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Children to Immortals

29 novembre 2020 - 3 janvier 2021

Children to Immortals: Figural Representations in Chinese Art.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New-York.

Conveying a person’s inner spirit (chuanshen) is the central aspect of figural representation in Chinese art. Rather than prioritizing accurate anatomical renderings, artists sought to capture the « life energy » of their subjects. This exhibition explores sophisticated decorative arts that depict figures dating to late imperial China, from the Song (960–1279) to the Qing (1644–1911) dynasty. Over this thousand-year period, images of humans, legendary figures, and immortals frequently appeared. The first gallery focuses on children, a ubiquitous and long-standing motif expressing the cultural importance of offspring. The second gallery dis- plays scenes from idealized daily life, historical novels, and legends. Various religious figures from Bud- dhism and Daoism are presented in the third gallery.

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Début :
29 novembre 2020
Fin :
3 janvier 2021
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10028 Phone:
New York, NY 10028 United States
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the Metropolitain Museum of Art

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