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Southeast Asian Ceramics: Selections from the Collection of James E. Breece, III

1 janvier 2019 - 30 juin 2019

Southeast Asian Ceramics: Selections from the Collection of James

E. Breece, III

Heritage Museum of Asian Art, Chicago

Exhibition from January 2019 through summer 2019.

The ceramics of China have been famous for centuries and clearly influenced ceramic production in nearby Southeast Asian countries. This may be the most apparent in Vietnamese ceramics, as parts of the country were closely aligned to China for nearly one thousand years.

This exhibition features ceramic wares from Vietnam, Thailand and Burma from James E. Breece III.

These ceramics are under represented in museums around the world and have a greater artistic validity than is largely recognized. Most importantly, to this day these wares reflect the cultural nature of these three countries.

Ewers with lids,
Vietnam, Tran dynasty (1225-1400),
Stoneware with incised design and celadon glaze, H. 20 cm,
Stroneware with cream and iron underglaze, H. 21 cm,
Stoneware with pale olive green glaze and iron brown splotches, H. 21 cm.


This exhibition is in conjunction with the exhibition « Passion for Form: Selections of Southeast Asian Art from the MacLean Collection. »

A two-part catalog was produced for these two exhibitions.

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Début :
1 janvier 2019
Fin :
30 juin 2019
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Heritage Museum of Asian Art
218 West 26th Street
Chicago, Illinois IL 60616 United States
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